Mitsuko Brooks
Exhibition View
Dissonances of the Diaspora
Six photographs from this series were on view in San Francisco
May 2 - May 25, 2013 at SOMArts.

Exhibiting in "underCurrents & the Quest for Space" aligns themes of the Asian Diaspora with my personal experience of a transnational childhood overseas and in the states. I have not set foot on my mother's country since I was three years old. This photo series presented investigates the emotional and physical space I feel trapped and disillusioned by: constructed western landscapes in America. Feelings of disillusionment and depression are a result of my daily battles against racial stereotyping I experience on a daily basis even in an urban environment. She is naked, she is whole and she exists as a person, not an exotic Asian female.

My visual communications are of a deep longing to belong to Japan, yet identifying so much with my ingrained American upbringing. My photo series "Dissonances of the Diaspora" depict a hapa woman immersed in constructed landscapes, expressing my feelings of environmental abandonment and a unifying life/death moment with nature. There is a search to become one, to feel whole, despite being bisected racially.

My current collaborative photo series incorporates contemporary poems by Michele C. Lee and ancient poems by Ono No Komachi.

Michele Lee is a current PhD candidate and teaching assistant at the University of Florida. She also received her MFA in Poetry from UF in 2008. Lee and Brooks first collaborated in 2002 with the artist book "Cut Up Diary", which is cataloged in the permanent collections of Barnard Library in New York. Lee and Brooks first met in Italy when both our fathers were stationed at Aviano Air Force Base.

Ono no Komachi was a Japanese waka poet of the early Heian period.