Mitsuko Brooks
eucalyptus leaves, resin, trash from purse which are described in a list, found scrap wood, carpet protector, upholstery fabric, pantiliners, various trash, ziplock bags, headphones, Human hair, stretch gauze, eczema ointment, etc.
I believe in the powerful nuances of the everyday and the hidden importance of subtle monotonous moments. I collect found objects and personal discarded materials, assembling the remnants of forgotten objects into collages and sculptures. These works represent and bring to the surface notions of regret and longing.

The collages and sculptures are contemplations of everyday objects that face extinction, personal belongings rapidly transform alongside technological innovations. I collect and hold on to the detritus of personal life and the natural world for many years. Theses objects begin to narrate my personal experiences, invoking empathy and insight into human society and nature. I am interested in how epiphanies are found out of this approach of examining everyday life.

Brief Work Description:
Resin casts of mason jars hoisted onto scrap wood, hold and preserve the detritus from the bottom of my purse over the course of three months. A dated bibliography exists of the contents of the mason jars, which also include and but are not limited to: e-cigarettes, outdated or broken cellphones, and other everyday detritus specific to my life in Los Angeles.
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